Teenage Suicide: A Harsh Reality of Technology’s Hand in Today’s Bullying

Teenage Suicide: A Harsh Reality of Technology’s Hand in Today’s Bullying

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When asked what the major cause of teenage suicide is, most people would conclude depression or drugs. The twenty-first century, however, has a new cause on the rise: bullying. Although bullying is receiving unprecedented awareness and advocacy in schools and the media, startling reports of victims taking their lives are uncovering new realities. Suicide is often the horrific result for many teenagers feeling all alone, left with no means to escape the hurtful torture inflicted by bullying. Bullying has become broad and extensive with teenagers revealing its ugly nature in ways far more diverse than ever before. Common maltreatment once consisted of direct and indirect harassment. In the past decade as technology of cell phones and Facebook are at the forefront of most teenagers’ daily lives, mistreatment has elevated to new levels including the newest form of peer pressure with the creation of online ‘suicide pacts’. Bullying is no longer a quiet wolf around the corner happening to the shy, meager adolescent. With technology bringing forth a new form of peer pressure and bullying, as well as how it is aiding the facilitation of direct and indirect bullying, teenage suicide is becoming more prevalent because of technology’s hand in bullying.
Granted, bullying was once typically confined to the occasional war of words in locker rooms or at a park after school, but direct bullying as physical and verbal abuse are now occurring spontaneously in most schools and communities on a regular basis. Teenagers formerly had the luxury of time to cool off, to think of their options and consequences; they had time for their conscience to take over and rethink a rash decision. Unfortunately, with the ease of instant gratification w...

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.... Victims of direct, indirect, and cyber-bullying have an entirely new gamut of bullying to cope with, and are forced to manage their emotions in this same public arena as well. Teenagers are finding it difficult to escape or remove themselves from such public harassment, and in response, suicide is increasingly the outcome with many adolescents gravitating toward suicide pacts as well. Unfortunately, technology is not always a beautiful advance, ultimate luxury or everyday convenience. Technology has indeed aided and contributed to the demise of many. It will be of no miraculous wonder should this next decade see a dramatic swing in the cause of teenage suicide from depression and drugs to bullying. The author of the age-old proverb of “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” obviously never had such words plastered on Facebook.

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