Essay about Teenage Pregnancy Is An Important Issue Today 's Society

Essay about Teenage Pregnancy Is An Important Issue Today 's Society

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“Mom, should I wear the blue or red dress to prom?” There are many decisions facing teenagers today from what to wear to whom to go to the prom with. Parents are all about giving their opinions on those minor decisions. However, when it comes to major decision, it is usually friends that are influencing those. This has led to a major problem in today’s society. Lack of knowledge, lack of birth control, and misguided motives are three reasons teenage pregnancy is an important issue teenagers deal with today.
The first cause of teenage pregnancy is lack of knowledge. It is the parents and teachers job to teach the youth about safe sex. The thought of teenage sex makes a parents stomach churn. The parents want nothing to do with teaching their children about sex. To a parent sex is a very awkward topic. They do not want their children knowing about something that only adults are supposed to do. Some parents are in denial, they do not believe that their precious angel is having sex. When it comes to teaching their kids about sex and how it is done and how to be protected, parents ignore the topic altogether. Parents should not be scared to talk about sex with their children. When it comes to sexual education schools can only do so much. In some schools teachers are not allowed to teach as much as they think is needed. Sometimes the state does not allow it or simply because the school does not want to deal with angry parents. Schools know that the kids will have sex whether they want them to or not. Even if parents and teacher preach to their kids about safe sex, it usually all gets negated by their friends. Their friends usually give terrible advice about how everything is done. They usually talk them into not waiti...

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... especially, if they are teenagers. Sometimes guys believe that it is not their problem if pregnancy occurs. Way too many guys just run at the thought of pregnancy. Not all guys are pigs though; some believe that pregnancy will solve all the problems with the relationship too. They think that a baby will bring them closer together as a couple. They think that the girl will not leave them if they have a baby together.
Teenagers today are more mature than their parents were; that is what teenagers believe. On the other hand parents forget what it was like to be a teenager. Parents do not believe their “baby” would even consider having sex. In the age of information people need to start getting more knowledgeable, learn how to properly use birth control, and get a dose of reality when it comes to babies. That way the number of teenage parents will start to drop.

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