Essay about Teenage Pregnancy : Finding An Exact Cause For Teen Pregnancy

Essay about Teenage Pregnancy : Finding An Exact Cause For Teen Pregnancy

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Outcomes of Teenage Pregnancy
Finding an exact cause for teen pregnancy is difficult, however risk factors recognized as a possibility for pregnancy can help pinpoint certain areas to be aware of. Reasons for teenage pregnancy are immensely debated. One cause could be the lack of knowledge of the outcome that can result from sexual intercourse, such as the proper use of contraceptives. The awareness of the contraceptive use is known mostly by teens, yet they choose to engage in unprotected risks. Such risky behaviors might be the reason for the lack of knowledge on consequences and the just might seek the personal gratification of sex.
The decision surrounding the life of a teenager and the choice to keep on with the pregnancy is challenging. It is not only her life to think about but the growing fetus as well, even after birth. Such consequences revolve around choosing to keep the baby, adoption, or in worst cases scenarios: abortion. In any part of the United States, teenagers (female and male) will likely face early parenthood. Thus, the responsibilities held for concern for the expected parents are their relationship status, debates on whether to continue their education, lack of parental skills, health of the young mother and infant, and the likelihood of financial instability. It is probable to assume that the teenage parents will rely on their family for financial support, if not, on the welfare system. Even though the teenage parents opted to keep their child, they can find happiness knowing they have their children; unlike other scenarios (abortion and adoption).
As for the teens who give their baby up for adoption, the experience could be emotionally draining. In such cases, the matter comes down to open or closed ad...

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...environment” (Horwitz et al.)
Teen pregnancy is a social problem that affects the community.It is imperative that parents and society take a joint responsibility of talking to adolescents about the issues of teen pregnancy and the consequences that follow thereafter. A decrease in teenage pregnancies can be done with communal commitment to the adolescents in our society. With proper guidance, helping a teenager becoming educated with risks and their involvement in prevention programs can help steer them to a more solid path. By utilizing the assessment of factors that affect teenage pregnancy, the community and parents can unite to prevent and reduce teenage pregnancies. Furthermore, teenagers need to be aware of these factors. Through the efforts made by the community and parents, they can initiate progress towards better choices for oneself and society.

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