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Want to lose 20 pounds before the Holidays? Or maybe you want to learn “new kissing tricks“, that are guaranteed to be guy approved. Those are just some of the catchy titles you may find on the covers of different magazines. Walk into any grocery store and you’ll find yourself reading the covers of various magazines while you’re checking out. If the bright and loud orange, yellow, and pink colors don’t get you, the side messages will. You’ll be reading the latest gossip about your favorite celebrities and their next huge scandal. The side titles are used as attention grabbers to lure readers in to read the bigger articles or to find out “why men don‘t listen” or to gain “Total Body Confidence”. Frequently, these magazines are geared towards to the female audience. In some case there are even magazines designed just for younger females; preferably teenage girls. However, its argued that many times these magazines aren’t portraying the healthiest images or suggestions for girls.
It’s not uncommon for popular teen magazines to blast young girls on how to be “sexy” or “hot” while promoting a virginal ideal image of celebrities or models. In the latest issue of Seventeen Magazine, they promote this issue as being the “ultimate party issue of this season. Although they have Miley Cyrus, a famous teen star, on the cover portraying a good ideal teen image for younger girls. This celebrity is seen by many young girls as being beautiful and talented. However, on the side of her picture there is a side title that would allow readers to “steal her style” and “her love advise”. Right below that there is a title, in cased by brackets on tricks for kissing that boys will love. On the inside cover there is a brief table of contents that will ...

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...is magazine would rise if Seventeen were to have a few pages dedicated to teenage questions. Other than these few simple changes, I believe that this magazine is all around great for young teenage girls.
So the question is should we as a society be worried about these bright colored, boy obsessed, trendy fashion loving teen girl magazines or not? The answer for Seventeen magazine is no. Young girls look up to older women for advice on everything, and these magazine are no different. They provide an outside source to help girls with everyday drama. Like what hair do’s are in, what do boys really like, and where they can buy clothes that resemble their favorite pop stars. These magazine are harmless and in some way are a right of passage for young girls. Whether people approve of these magazines or not they will always be there for young teen girls browse through.

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