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Teenage Drinking And Teen Drinking Essay examples

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Everyday, illegal acts of teenage drinking are committed among the U.S. There are several countries outside the U.S. who have a lower age limit on drinking. The issue that comes up with teen drinking is when is too early and what drinking does the earlier the adolescent starts. Approximately 18 million adults have an addiction to alcohol. Approximately 1,825 unintentional deaths are caused by alcohol (McBride). Although these facts about alcohol are horrifying, the facts have nothing to do with adolescent drinking and everything to do with the consumption of alcohol. So why do people look down on underage drinking so much? Is there a real difference between underage and of age drinking? Alcohol is the most commonly used drug among youths (Albers). Although this is the most commonly used drug, the question that appears is if it is abused among the youths. Typically, alcohol use is initiated in the adolescent years. Adolescent years are where critical structural and functional maturation of the brain happens (Silveri). If alcohol is abused among adolescents, it can begin to affect their development.
To start off, there is significant evidence that supports the statement that teenage drinking is a big deal. Teens who start drinking before the age of fifteen are five times likelier to be at risk for an addiction. There are several risks that are associated with underage drinking that become less of a risk if the drinking occurs later in life (Sauer-Zavala). Although the issues that are consequences with alcohol can occur at any stage in life, alcohol is associated with sexual assault, violence, and drinking and driving. Alcohol is also associated with failing grades and drug use (Rothman). This is mainly due to alcohol impairing the...

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...life, there are a few stages that I think are affected the most. In my opinion, I think underage drinking mainly affects the adolescent developmental period and late adulthood. The adolescent period is affected by underage drinking because this is the period where the underage drinking is happening. This is also the period where most of the logical, abstract, and idealistic brain development happens. As I stated earlier in the paper, if a person binge drinks over extended periods of time, their brain development can be damaged. The late adulthood period is affected by underage drinking because it is the period where long periods of binge drinking come back into play. Whether it is alcoholism that has already affected that person or liver failure or lack of brain development, this developmental period is effected by what happened in the adolescent period of development

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