Teenage Bullying And Its Effects On The Victim 's Life Essay

Teenage Bullying And Its Effects On The Victim 's Life Essay

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Today, bullying cases are read so often that one considers that it a normal and acceptable part of childhood. Some people believe that bullying toughens up a child and makes them learn how to handle situations. It teaches them that fighting, getting even with the bully is the ultimate solution to this menace, that you either be meek and let yourself get walked on or you stand up and bully that boy who bullied you. In other words, you either bully or be bullied. In reality, neither of these two options are healthy for the child’s growth. Thus, this research paper aims to understand the cause(s) behind a teenager bullying someone and its subsequent effects on the victim’s life.
Bullying is a conscious and deliberate attempt to undermine another individual of the same age as part of a power game to feel stronger and superior. In other words, bullying is not the same as a conflict between two individuals of equal power physically and mentally (Drake, Price & Telljohann,2003).
It not only affects the victim but also the family members of the victim who experience it through the cries of their son/daughter. More than an act, bullying is actually a behavior, a bad habit that can be shown in three different forms and their varying types: physical (hitting, slapping, making the victim trip), verbal (name-calling, insults) and social (making everyone dislike the victim) (Scrapaci,2006).
Generally, a victim is bullied by a combination of these three forms, not just one. According to an article by the Institute of Education Sciences, on an average, approximately 60% of the kids in the age of 12-18 reported bullying by 6-7 different types of bullying in the year 2007. In addition, roughly 61% of these bullies did physically harm their victims...

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Lastly, the kid becomes entirely anti-social as people as a whole disgust him. Bullying teaches the individual that he is an outsider, an outcast who is unwanted and if seen in public will definitely be humiliated (Dombeck,2007). Just like Jon who sat all alone during lunch contemplating suicide (Salow,2011).
In conclusion, we must understand that bullying is inherently wrong and cannot be justified similar to murder or sexual assault. Also, we must acknowledge that it is a problem that has been there in the society for many centuries and that it is our job to ensure that the youth of the country is not damaged emotionally by this vice. As parents, one must protect and teach the adolescent self-defense of not only the body but also the mind and heart. That emotional and spiritual well-being is as important as physical well-being or to some extent even more.

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