Teen Suicide Risk Factors and Prevention

Teen Suicide Risk Factors and Prevention

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A teenager is a transitional stage of physical and mental human development that occurs between childhood and adulthood. Teen life is not just a fun stage. A teenager stage is also a stage full of responsibility. (Arnett, Jeffrey) As they grow, they discover and learn new things. We develop our skills and we met new people. We go to school to study; they met friends and sometimes have a special someone. How can these people affect their lives? What can push them to do unexpected things?

A couple of years ago, it is not normal to hear news that a teen commits suicide because the way they live is different from the way we live right now. But now, as news flashes the television, almost every month someone commits suicide. It is alarming because the number of people who commits suicide is increasing. Suicide is one of the options of some teenagers to solve their different agenda. Another thing is teenagers did not realize what are the opportunities they are losing. Because of their simple problem that supposed to be solved easily.

Teenagers nowadays are fund of seeking happiness that lead them to disappointment. They always expect joy not knowing the opposite thing that can happen. Sometimes they are doing different things to have a perfect life that they are wanting for. For them it can be obtained from their own capability but more often by others. Some of us think that being a teenager is the most precious stage in our lives but that is not true all the times, we should know first our limitations and people around us. It is not always good hurting someone or in other word “bullying someone". They are also humans like us and we are created equally, physically and emotionally. Poor teenagers often commit suicide because they can’t handle the pain other causing to them. They keep the pain with them not telling their parents because they do not want trouble for them.

In this research statement it can easily identify the commonly causes why teenagers commit suicide. Does the society affect the teenagers that’s why they tried ending up their own life and also we will know all the possible solutions and proper treatment they should have before doing this kind of crime.

This research brings various significances to various people. Particularly, this paper is significant to the students, to the parents, to the future researchers and to the teachers.

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For the students, the significance is for them to be aware with the things that they will do and for them to learn the deeper meaning of life. For the parents, this will able them to know what are the problems bothering their children. They would be able to give more attention guidance and advice to their children.

Another, for the future researchers, this study could be a benefit to them who will conduct similar investigations. They will have a basis to help and guide them as they go on. Lastly, for the teachers, through this study they will be more aware of the status of their students. They will be able to execute other possible techniques to help their students and the school they can provide a solution to help their students.

The purpose of this research is to help the teenagers boost their confidence to know their weaknesses and strengths. To know what are their interest for them to be guided with the things that they want. Furthermore to know the reasons why teens commit suicide and to identify and analyse what pushes them to commit suicide. Lastly, to gather some projects that can help teenagers to avoid commit suicide.


In order to gather the data needed, an interview was conducted for us to know the possible reasons why teenagers commit suicide while our respondents are psychology students of De La Salle Lipa. The advantages and disadvantages as well as the reliability of this instrument were also part of the objectives. The researchers chose the participants because they believe that psychology students are a big help in the study because psychology studies about perception, emotion, personality and behaviour of the teenagers. By the help of our respondents we will further understand why teens commit suicide.


This part of the research paper shows the results that the researchers conducted an interview and our respondents were psychology students from De La Salle Lipa. We chose psychology students because we believe that psychology students are a big help in the study because psychology studies about perception, emotion, personality and behaviour of the teenagers and with the help of our respondents our questions were answered and it helps us to give a clear view of our study.

The reasons why teens commit suicide are depression, problems, and pressure. The differences or changes with the teenagers nowadays are decision making, they see things is a different way, the behaviour the way they think and how they act on circumstances. They also believe that teen suicide influences other teenagers. As psychology students, they can help the teens to avoid suicide through proper intervention, guidance counselling and to understand the behaviour of human beings and not to refuse their psychological needs. They also believe that there are programs that can either motivate them by stress free seminars; regular meeting with the counsellors, public speaking and achieving higher self-esteem and self-worth. The people that can help them to overcome their problems are their family, friends, guidance counsellor, psychologist, teachers and God.

There advices for the teenagers are problems will never be bigger and stronger than us, don’t overthink and love yourself. The weaknesses of the teenagers are they are having a hard time coping from the past event and they see problems as an end and not an opportunity for improvement while their strengths to overcome their problems are their family, friends and to have a faith in God.

A key component to effectively prevent teen depression and suicide is to build multiple protective factors. Feeling socially connected to others is one such protective factor that Family connectedness refers to warm, open, and caring relationships between parents and youth. School connectedness is comprised of warm and caring relationships to adults at school including teachers, administrators, and other staff, as well as peers Community connectedness refers to positive relationships with members of one’s community and an overall feeling that one is an important and valued member of his/her community and groups. (King, Keith A.; Vidourek, Rebecca A.)


Suicide is one of the biggest problems in different countries. Many people lack ideas on how to value life and how to overcome
their problems. Teenagers focused on the problems and not in the solution. They allow problems to control their life that’s why they ended up in wrong decisions. There are lot of things that lead teenagers to suicide. One of the reasons is pressure and depression, pressure and depression because of the people or things around them. It deals with their parents, friends, studies and love. Usually teenagers are afraid to talk to their parents and guardians when they have problems because they thought that they cannot understand them. The differences or changes with the teenagers nowadays are the behaviour the way they think, how they act on circumstances and they see things in different perspective like providing options and they are more adventurous compare to the teenagers before.

Therefore they have more experiences and was able to understand and easy to adapt different negative scenarios. Through proper intervention, guidance counselling and to lend our ears and listen to the teenagers that are encountering problems can help them to avoid suicide. They cannot easily move on with the things that happened already and with that they are deciding to end their lives through suicide because they think that suicide is the only solution to their problems but, there is a bigger and better solution despite all. Lastly, teenagers easily gave up with the problems they are encountering and they see their problems as an end not an opportunity. By believing in their selves, have faith in god they can survive all the problems that
they will encounter.


We are highly recommending that schools must have programs like stress free seminars, public speaking, group discussion, group dynamics and group processing. Students must have a regular meeting with their guidance counsellors. Parents, teachers, friends and others must help teenagers to boost their confidence. Support from medical and health care professionals and family members, close friends, teachers and other members of the community can provide comfort and moral support.


1. What do you think are the reasons why teens commit suicide?
2. What are the differences or changes with the teenagers nowadays?
3. Does teen suicide influence other teens?
4. How can we help them to avoid suicide?
5. What are the programs that can help them to boost their confidence?
6. Who are the people that can help them to overcome their problems?
7. What tips can you give them to see a brighter solution for their problems?
8. What do you think are their weaknesses?
9. What do you think are their strengths to overcome their problems?


Dear Respondents,
We are the students enrolled in State Technology College who are conducting a study on “Teenage Suicide “In this regard, we would like to seek your help we would like you to interview in person.

Thank you and we are looking forward of meeting you.


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