Essay on Teen Suicide And Suicide Prevention

Essay on Teen Suicide And Suicide Prevention

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The tragedy of a young person dying because of overwhelming, hopelessness or disappointment is devastating to family,friends,and community. Families and friends might be left wondering if they could have done something different to prevent that young person from turning to suicide. To effectively prevent teen depression and suicide is to build multiple protective factors in our homes, to remain aware of such warning signs and risk factors and to appropriately intervene when necessary, and to have effective depression and suicide prevention programs to teach students safe and positive ways to cope with everyday stressors in our school. Despite numerous prevention and interventions programs teen suicide and depression are still a major concern for our growing communities.
Often preventing teen suicide means treating teen depression. Since 75% of the people who commit suicide are depressed. (according to the University of Texas). It is a good start to began treating the symptoms of teen depression to effectively prevent teen suicide. Research indicates that most teens who are depressed show warning signs and possess specific risk factors. It is important for loved ones, friends, and coaches are able to identify these warning signs and to intervene when necessary. Some warning signs include; being restless and agitated, having difficulty sleeping or sleeping excessively, feeling fatigued, showing irritability, possessing feelings of shame, guilt or worthlessness, having a loss of interest in once pleasurable activities, and having problems with concentration(King&vidourk). “The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention estimated that approximately 9 in 10 teens who are suicidal displays clues and warning signs to others in 2010”. Th...

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... the Teens© Suicide Prevention and Depression Awareness Program, students are taught to recognize depression and suicide signs through an array of educational activities including; real-life stories of teens who have experienced depression and attempted suicide, prevention materials, small group discussion, role plays, and reading activities. These programs will teach teens how to recognize depression and suicidal behaviors in oneself and peers, and how to help troubled peers get the assistance they need.
Unfortunately having programs to make a child feel accepted, knowing the warning signs and knowing when to act, or even the numerous prevention and intervention programs you can offer. Teen suicide and depression are still a major concern for our community. Educate yourself not only to save your child 's life, but anybodies child, niece, nephew, brother, or spouse.

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