Teen Sex And Teen Pregnancy Essay

Teen Sex And Teen Pregnancy Essay

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Teen Sex

As we grow older we learn that there are many teenagers all over the world that are analyzing sex more and more today than ever before, It’s not only shocking but it’s also frightening. Learning to prevent teen sex and others at risk are very important, teen sex not only affects teenagers but their families, school and their communities. Teen sex than leads to teen pregnancy. There’s more teen pregnancy due to teens having sex at a young age. Once teens start to experience sex some forget the outcomes that come with it like babies, STD’s and HIV, which is becoming a major issue in the society from Planned Parenthood too Christian opinions.
The majority of teens that are having sex are still in middle school and high school, some of them will experience sexual activity before they graduate. Kids that are between the ages or 16-17 should have sex, but that’s just my opinion knowing its kids younger than that, that is doing this expect for those who have been touched a child or rapped. Parents are not really around and its becoming harder and harder being out the loop, dealing with the media and technology. Kids will pick up from what they see and hear. There is an organization called Planned Parenthood, Planned Parenthood is a health center where they talk you about sex, STD’s, birth control. Explaining personal education if you have no one to talk too. This health center gives everyone access to any health care information. The website also gives you helpful information to help teens have better understandings about anything you want to know if you are having any type of sexually intercourse. Sex education programs that teach abstinence are only irresponsible because they fail to teach teens how to use contraception to...

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...ng said the only option that if left is to talk to your children before you as they are getting older, parents shouldn’t want their babies having babies.

There are many ways to avoid teen sex and if you are one of the teens than its good to talk to someone you trust, it is true that many teenagers all over the world are becoming more sexually active today and an even higher rate of pregnancy. It is sad because instead of grownups, its teenagers. Teens start to experience sex acts at a young age and the outcomes that come with sex can be good or bad like babies, STD’s and HIV, that is a major issue all over. Planned Parenthood gives many resources and open options to help teens, whether it’s someone to talk to, medication, condoms, etc. they are there, but Christian’s will not change their view of teen sex, they will always go with the belief of marriage before sex.

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