Teen Pregnancy: More Education is Needed Essay

Teen Pregnancy: More Education is Needed Essay

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Teenage pregnancy is a rising factor throughout the world that’s caused by many unfortunate actions. Teenagers feel the need to engage in sexual activities due to peer pressure, violence and statutory rape. In some cases teens end up birthing their babies and in other cases they abort them. To help teens understand the consequences and reality of teen pregnancy, abstinence education and sex education can be introduced to steer teens in a better direction and help them to decide the appropriate outcome for their babies.
Multiple teens are conceiving a day resulting in just as many births a day. This problem exists due to sexually active teens. Each year, some 2,600,000 teenagers become sexually active-a rate of 7,000 per day (Abstinence Education Reduces Teen Pregnancy 1). Being sexually active isn’t always fun, though. There are consequences involving teens engaging in sexual activities such as pregnancy and STDs. As of the year 2000, teenagers between the ages of 15 and 17 were at a high of 539,910 recorded teen pregnancies (Number of Teen Pregnancies, 2000). While engaging in such high risk behaviors, you are not only at the risk for pregnancy but also at a risk for sexually transmitted diseases. Such diseases can reduce a teens health and leave them ill, though many of them are curable. Curable STDs are just as dangerous as non-curable STDs because of the effect they have on your body. Also, an STD brings emotional consequences for those involved, including depression and it’s medical and social effects ( Sexually Transmitted Diseases Are an International Public Health Crisis).
Teen pregnancy affects our society as a whole greatly. Our economy is losing money by paying for the teens doctor vi...

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