Essay about Teen Pregnancy Is More Negative Outcomes

Essay about Teen Pregnancy Is More Negative Outcomes

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According to, in 2013, a total of two hundred and seventy-three thousand, one hundred and five babies were born to women fifteen to nineteen years of age. Though this is low for the typical rate of teen- child births, the U.S. teen pregnancy rate is substantially higher than in other western industrialized nations. There are many stories of teen mothers who feel like they have their lives together, and consider their stories “success stories”. What most teens don’t understand, is the difficulties of being a mother, especially at such a young age. Teen pregnancy has more negative outcomes than positive outcomes, as shown by a girl named Haley in her teen pregnancy story. The best way to prevent teen pregnancy is through information on the risks of pregnancy and STD’s, communication with parents, and avoiding places and situations that might lead to sex.
Teen girls often times find themselves in situations that will lead to sex. Some of them don’t realize it right away, and some know exactly what they are getting themselves into. Either way, getting into a situation like that is troubling for both types of girls. For the ones who don’t realize what they’re doing, they often times aren’t sure of how to get out of that type of situation. For the girls who are purposefully getting themselves into a situation that may lead to sex, they don’t always understand or think about the possible risks that could follow. Sometimes girls’ parents don’t actually give them “the talk”, which leads to lack of information for the girls. With this lack of information, girls are not informed about the risks of STD’s or pregnancy. It affects both boys and girls, but girls are more largely impacted, with the possibility of becoming...

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...t teens often don’t finish high school or further their education. A lot of teen mothers end up in poverty, and their children end up uneducated. Pregnant teens often don’t fully understand their choices for their baby, so they just abort it before giving the thought of adoption a chance. On the flip side, girls think they can handle raising a baby on their own, and the child ends up underprivileged when he or she could have been given a better option. If teens were more educated about STD’s, and pregnancy, it would be less common. Children wouldn’t be having children, and adults would be the ones giving kids good lives. The world would be full of educated people, and there would be less children living poor lives due to the incapability of teens who aren’t prepared to take on adult responsibilities. Teen pregnancy can be prevented, as long as we prevent it.

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