Teen Pregnancy Effects On Society Essay

Teen Pregnancy Effects On Society Essay

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Are you a teenager and pregnant? If you’re not then you’re saved right? Wrong! Teen pregnancy affects society as a whole, this social issue has a domino effect on everyone. People of all ages, race and social class are affected by this issue. Teenage pregnancy greatly effects teens emotionally, socially and financially. However, many people think the effects of teen pregnancy are only experienced directly by the teens that have a child at a young age. What society might not be aware of is that teen pregnancy is a bigger issues than just kids having kids of their own. This issue occurring in our society effects taxpayer’s tremendously. Not only does teen pregnancy effect society financially, but also it creates Intergenerational issues.
Teenagers having kids can have very detrimental outcomes and consequences. As everyone knows, teenagers are typically known to be self-centered, free and careless, so when a child is brought into the picture it creates a handful of new issues for teens. The emotional effects experienced by teens when experiencing teen pregnancy can be very damaging. It’s been found that the overwhelming emotions that are experienced by teen parents creates depression, thoughts of suicide, and overall puts them in an unhealthy state of mind. “One of the most alarming findings was the high rate of depression and stress in teen mothers. One study found their suicide rate to be seven times that of non-mothers. The difficulty of competing developmental crises--adolescent transition, child bearing, and possibly marriage or leaving home--leave the teen mother open to significant life stress that can impinge on her parenting ability”. From the moment teens find out they’re having baby it creates an emotional battle within...

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...l issues of a repeating cycle since daughters of teen mothers are three times more likely to follow in their mothers footsteps in being a teen mother. While the sons of teen mother are twice more likely to end up in prison. Like many have heard before “children are the future of the nation”… Well if the children in society are having children of their own what does that make of the nation’s future? Society is left with low educated adults that never finish high school much less have a degree because their teen pregnancy didn’t give them the opportunity. Less than 1% of teen mothers will have a degree by the age 30. If the numbers keep increasing on teen pregnancy then society will have more and more low educated people. That can hurt society because low educated people don’t tend to positively impact society, contribute in innovation, and overall help the economy.

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