Teen Pregnancy And Teenage Pregnancy Rates Essay

Teen Pregnancy And Teenage Pregnancy Rates Essay

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Being in America, we often hear about the increasingly high teenage pregnancy rates. People constantly tell us that getting pregnant at a young age is bad, but we don’t always hear about the true consequences that one can face when carrying a child so young. Yet we still just sit and wonder why teenage pregnancy rates continue to rise. Our lack of knowledge about the issue and our resistance to reach out to those going through this can create ongoing generations of teen pregnancies. Therefore, it is important to make an effort to get more knowledge about the lives of teenage moms and the specific problems that they may face in order to help these moms, and youths of generations to come.
One of the biggest reasons why teenage pregnancies are not heavily warned about is because the media tends to hide the facts and paints new pictures to cover up the reality of teen moms. This can end up preventing these people from getting the help that they need. In modern day, the reality of teen moms are being masked in throughout magazines, and TV shows such as 16 and pregnant, or teen mom. Author of The Real Struggles of America’s Teen Moms, Luisa Colon, includes a quote in her writing from another author, Tamika-Hall-Frye, stating that “Reality TV makes teenage motherhood look almost...fun.” Little do viewers know that in reality, teen moms face deeper issues to worry about compared to the magazine covers showing off Teen Mom super star Farrah Abraham, and her new “beau”. Similarly, Dimiter Kenarov wrote about the reality that he noticed was being covered up by the media as well. In his article, Game Over, Perserverance, All I Want Is Everything: Among the Roma of Bulgaria, Kenarov writes about problems that Bulgarian Roma face mainly due ...

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...e for better TV”(Henson).
The moral of the story is that the media tends to glamourize the lives of teen moms and portray it in TV as “the thing to do” for attention and what not. However, people often fail to recognize the amount of stress and misfortune it can bring upon someone in the health, social, and financial department. Although teenage pregnancy rates have dropped 40% in the past 20 years, it is a problem that remains in America and is raising concerns. However, the US government is helping to fight this issue by expanding teen pregnancy prevention resources such as the Office of Adolescent Health, Office of Population Affairs, and etc. They are also working on recommending programs that are easily accessible by teens and can encourage communication between parents and their children, as well as improve health services (Preventing Teen Pregnancy in the US.)

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