Teen Pregnancy And Sexually Transmitted Diseases Essay

Teen Pregnancy And Sexually Transmitted Diseases Essay

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Teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases continue to be a global problem according to World Health Organization (2006). Research indicates that teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases are major health ills that plague communities across the globe. Sullivan (2015) asserts, “Sex seems to be on a different playing field” and teens across the globe are growing up fast, exposed to sex on various social media platforms and to say that education programs fail, is not accurate. Adolescent pregnancy contributes to and is a major reason for social hindrance. Research further indicates that teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases are a tremendous cost burden worldwide. An array of programs are available or exist that are pertinent to aid in counteracting unfortunate sexual conduct and adolescent pregnancies. Relevant data is needed as well as required from the teen’s points of view about the effectiveness and viability of such programs. The need turns out to be considerably more significant amid a period when teen pregnancy is heightening.
Teenagers need precise and complete data to help them both defer sexual movement and secure themselves in the event that they turn out to be sexually active. “The U.S. has one of the most astounding adolescent pregnancy rates in the created world. Every year in the U.S., more than 750,000 teens aged 15-19 get pregnant, with more than 80 percent of these pregnancies unintended. While teens in the U.S., aged 15–25, represent a significant portion of the sexually dynamic populace, they are responsible for approximately 19 million sexually transmitted illnesses (STDs) every year. The CDC evaluates that one in four adolescent girls contract a STD. Teens to young adults ages 13...

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...h curriculum in schools. Smythe (2011) asserts that there is a strong need for curriculum-driven leadership. School leaders are instructional leaders who set the tone for the operational and instructional aspects of the school. However, school leaders find themselves serving as managerial leaders, which involves ensuring the accomplishment of certain outcomes.
It is imperative that curriculums whose objective is to discourage teen pregnancy comply with improving the nature of teen 's relationships, especially as far as decreasing uneasiness and lamented sexual practices; decrease the rate of perilous sex; and decrease the rate of undesirable pregnancies. Globally, educators and leaders have a responsibility to ensure that students knowledgeable of the available information and carefully convey to teens how thoughtless sexual choices can have affect their futures

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