Essay about Teen Pregnancy And Abortion : Teens

Essay about Teen Pregnancy And Abortion : Teens

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Teen pregnancy and abortion

Teens getting pregnant have many implicating both for the teen parents and for the child. Along with teen pregnancy also comes teen girls getting abortions. Teen abortions come with several complications later in life, for the young woman who have gone throw it. It can be a very stressful time for teens, when they find themselves in a situation where they have become pregnant. In this essay I will talk about the many issues that arises from both teens having children and form teens who have gotten abortions. Studies show that there are more adverse effects to teens when they get abortions, then from woman who are older. These effects are drug use, physical and psychological problems, suicide attempts, suicidal ideation, and self-destructive behaviors. Teens who get pregnant have decide to have the baby endure other issues as well as their children. Teen mom lack many skills needed to handle motherhood such as: patience, maturity and the ability to handle stress. Many studies show that’s the babies born to teens have lower scores in school, have medical and behavioral issues.
One million teen girls get pregnant each year; seventy-five percent of these pregnancies are unintentional. In the united states twenty to thirty percent of teen girls get an abortion. These teens get abortions for all different reasons: school, not feeling ready to be parent, the way their parents feel, the stigma of being a teen parent. Either way it is a stressful time for teens when they find out they are pregnant and then deiced to get an abortion. Many of these teens are young girls who are very self-conscious and are very sensitive to others opinions. Getting an abortion is a big and sensitive decision all on its ow...

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...after such a hard traumatic decision is hard which is way so many wind up killing themselves. Abortion clinic should have better records for this teenager or should have to inform the parents so they can get the proper help needed after. Teen moms in a way you can ask yourself if because we have these show out there that do indeed show the dram the come with being a teen mom but also make it glamorous if that can be a factor in teen pregnancy now. Either way teen pregnancy is a very stressful and lonely time for many teens. Many girls who get an abortion isolated themselves by not telling anyone and deal with it internally. On the other hand, teenagers who keep their baby get isolated by their boyfriends, friends, community’s and sometimes families. I have seen many girls in high school and even middle school that have gone throw this and am glad I did not have to.

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