Essay on Teen Pregnancy: A Growing or Decreasing Problem in the United States?

Essay on Teen Pregnancy: A Growing or Decreasing Problem in the United States?

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Teen Pregnancy: A Growing or Decreasing Problem in the United States?
“Each year in the U.S. almost one million teenagers become pregnant at enormous costs to themselves, their children, and society.” (Pregnant Teen Help, Teen Pregnancy Statistics) Some would argue that teen pregnancy is made glorious. Others would protest that it is influenced. The controversial teen issue regarding teen pregnancy is actually addressed in the novel Snitch by discussing the contraception and education to young adults. It is now being broadcasted as shows, such as “16 and Pregnant”, “Teen Mom”, “Maury”, and “Secret Life of the American Teenager”. These could be informational for young adult1s. However, these shows could give off a sense of teen pregnancy being easy and filled with laughs and joy. Despite what the shows might represent teen pregnancy is a rising national outbreak.
Firstly, there are many definitions of teen pregnancy depending on the source of information. However, as a more wide definition defines teen pregnancy as “a female typically between the ages of thirteen and nineteen, t...

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