Teen Marriages : The Odds Against Success Are Huge Essay

Teen Marriages : The Odds Against Success Are Huge Essay

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Teen Marriages, Where the “Odds Against Success are Huge”
Have you ever watched the show “Teen Mom” and wondered why most of the mothers aren’t with the father of their child? Well, most teens that get together don’t last very long, just like how teen marriages don’t last. Although not all of the couples on the show were married, most of them were together at one point and separated at one point as well. That’s just one example that shows that most teen marriages don’t end up lasting. Although they always seem to fail, teen marriages were very common in past times. Gordon B. Dahl states that “in Ancient Rome, the appropriate minimum age was regarded as 14 for males and 12 for females” (Dahl 689). Since these early marriages are so likely to fail, it leads to divorce. Dahl also states that “women who marry while in their teens are two/thirds most likely to divorce within 15 years of their marriage compared with women who postpone marriage” (Dahl 691). Such an early marriage was more appropriate back then than it is today. Now a days, most places have laws that forbid marriage under a certain age, without a certain sort of approval. Teens may think getting married at that point in their life is a good idea, but there are a few things that they don’t consider. Some of these things that cause the failure of teen marriages are due to money problems, the partners not being mature enough, and from the stress that others put on the relationship. The failing of teen marriages also has quite a few effects that greatly impact the couple 's lives. It’s important that teens be informed about the effects that marrying early has on their life so they don’t make a mistake and possibly change their whole life.
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...end up having some negative outcomes. Although not all the things mentioned happen to all of teen marriages, it happens to most of them. The causes and outcomes of these things do depend on the choice that teens end up making, but the things mentioned are what usually occurs. Teens should think about the money problems that will arise from marriage, how much they will have to mature, and the stress of other people, that cause the failure of teen marriages when considering such an early marriage. When these teens think about getting married, they may not take a moment to consider the negative outcomes that come with this decision and/or from possible divorce. It’s always good to inform teens about the possible consequences of these decisions that could be made early in their life. Wouldn’t you have liked for someone to warn you before you made a possibly bad decision?

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