Teen Magazines' Negative Influence on the Teenage Society Essay

Teen Magazines' Negative Influence on the Teenage Society Essay

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I open up the “hottest” teen magazines on the market; Allure, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, and Teen Vogue are a few at the top. As I flip through the magazine this holiday season I see pages of clothes that only the rich can afford, pictures of half-naked people draped over each other, articles about horoscopes and editorials talking about which teen star is the sexiest. Fashion, makeup, men, sex, celebrities, and exercising are the most popular topics I see as I peruse these magazines. These popular magazines take no time to tell me how beautiful I am, but only tell me the hundreds of things I need to do to improve. They tell me that I need more new, expensive makeup to look like a movie star. These magazines teach me how to seduce a man, but do not tell me how to have a lasting relationship. The interviews given are about super-rich movie stars or musicians that live glamorous lives. How can I ever live up to that? Magazines have a negative influence on teens in our generation and the situation does not seem to be improving anytime soon.
Shelia Gibbons, a Women’s News Commentator said that “Teen magazines are filled with ads and editorials--and the two are difficult to distinguish--urging girls to acquire the latest "hot haircut" (Seventeen) and "hot" looks (Elle Girl), reinforced by commands to "flirt your way to a date" (Teen).” Teen magazines know exactly what to say to sell a product and implant an idea of inferiority in a teenage girl’s mind. Once a girl feels inferior to models and celebrities, she will want to buy any product necessary to make herself look superior to others. This holiday season, girls’ Christmas lists will be filled with these items seen in magazines so they can look “hotter and sexier”. In our g...

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...ertain products and brands to look beautiful. Teenagers should be learning that beauty comes from within, and even though it sounds cliché, it is much better than the advice magazines are giving. Women need to remember that a “man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” Everyone woman is beautiful, and magazines and celebrities should not advertise any other message. The current trend of “body-hate” will invariably leave those who do not meet society’s standards with a feeling of inadequacy. So, this Christmas, encourage your daughters, granddaughters, mothers, and friends to take another look at their Christmas lists. Look and see if the items on their lists are appropriate and fiscally reasonable. Women today need to realize that they are beautiful in their own skin and do not need fancy products and expensive clothes to look stunning.

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