Teen Curfews Should Be Legal Essay

Teen Curfews Should Be Legal Essay

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It is Friday night. Teenagers are planning on winding down after a long week. There is only one object that prevents them from being able to fulfill their night; Curfew. Teens have always been opposed to having a mandated curfew. The real question is do they understand why there is a curfew? A number of teenagers are responsible where others are just being teenagers. The numbers of teenagers that are responsible are much less than the number of teenagers that are irresponsible. Teen curfews are in effect to not only mitigate teens getting into trouble, but to support the safety of teenagers from misfortune. Furthermore, curfew violations also allow the parents to become involved with their teens.
Teen curfews date back to the late 1980s. “In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, the citizens of many cities were alarmed by the increasing incidence of serious crime by juveniles and looked for ways to respond quickly and effectively to this threat” (Sutphen and Ford 55-56). Teenagers were committing crimes primarily at night. Curfews restrict teenagers to being home throughout certain hours of the night. As the number of cities that supported the curfew and placed them into effect rise, the larger the number of critics and opposition of the curfew grow stating that the curfew is not right. Curfews exhibit essential qualities for the teenage community. Additionally, curfews have become a vital tool to mitigate the crime rates associated with the teenage population.
Teenagers can have a large level of immaturity. In other words, teenagers are not adults and should not be treated as such. Even though there are teenagers that claim they act as responsible citizens, the average teenager does not have the adult level of maturity. The curfe...

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...on similar to that could pose severe risks for both the teen and the adult. For this reason, teen curfews are in place for not only teens, but additionally, for adults.
It was previously stated that teen curfews were put into effect to not only control the trouble that teenagers can get into, but to protect them too. In addition to this, curfews also prevent rowdy teens putting adults into jeopardy, allowing adults to treasure the night. Although there are numerous teens and parents that oppose the idea of a teen curfew, there are several that support the idea since they feel that it will assist in maintaining their neighborhoods. In addition to this, curfews are a critical tool to assist in mitigating juvenile crime as well as juvenile victims. In conclusion, a teen curfew is not only in support of the teenage community, but is in support of the entire community.

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