Essay on Teen Cosmetic Surgery

Essay on Teen Cosmetic Surgery

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True or false: Teens these days are bullied for their flaws and imperfections? TRUE. True or false: Teens are very insecure about their personality and their true self? TRUE. Last true or false: Teens want to change themselves and become someone better? TRUE. Teen Cosmetic Surgery is one topic that some people usually think as a positive effect in their lives. Most teens don’t realize this, but cosmetic surgery first of all, can have a really big impact in your life, whether it’s a problem or an accomplishment. Second, people don’t understand the true facts about cosmetic surgery, I mean the effects and causes it can put you on, and then there’s the solutions and alternatives that can be done during the process.
What the problem is: Adolescents wanting the opportunity to have cosmetic/plastic surgery. Personally in my opinion, I think having that chance, isn’t worth going for. Why do I say that? Well Katie Everswick, a woman who had plastic surgery for a tummy tuck after her son was born, wanted to take the chance, and just went in for it. “My incision started opening up. At first it started with a tiny hole, which was joined by another hole. Then another hole. Then the holes started getting bigger, until some of them grew into one big hole.” (It Happened To Me) Incisions can open up and they can cause some pretty traumatic effects into your health and your emotions, and “cause some false complications like death, infections, and scarring” Plastic Surgery for Teens: The Pros and Cons) “Nearly 210,000 cosmetic plastic surgery procedures were performed on people age 13 to 19 in 2009, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.” (ABC News Nightline) With that number, there could be half of those people who are uns...

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...cosmetic surgery? TRUE. True or False: There will be positive and negative effects on the subject who is getting the procedure done? TRUE. True or False: plastic/cosmetic surgery in general, had its ups and downs? TRUE. Changing your physical appearance may help you a little in your lifetime, but it will never change your emotional appearance.

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