The Teen Birth Rate Is Half The City 's Average Essays

The Teen Birth Rate Is Half The City 's Average Essays

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Health Strengths
• The teen birth rate is half the city’s average.
• Adults smoke, eat fruits and vegetables and are physically active at rates comparable to the city as a whole.
• Drug and alcohol-related hospitalizations are lower than the rates in NYC.
• The rate of adult asthma and diabetes hospitalizations are lower than the citywide rate.
• The death rate due to flu and pneumonia is less than half the citywide rate.
• The rate of premature death (before age 65) is lower than citywide rates.
Health Risks
• Compared to the neighboring communities Queens Village (QV) has an increased risk of childhood obesity due to the large consumption of sugary drinks.
• Risk for increased stroke hospitalizations compared to the neighboring communities.
• Risk for increased cases of human papilloma virus (HPV) compared with teens citywide, due to teenaged girls not receiving the full HPV vaccine series.
• Risk for increased rate of newly diagnosed HIV cases due to the percentage of adults in QV who do not get tested for HIV.
Health Problems
• Compared to the neighboring communities QV ranks thirty-seventh in the rate of newly diagnosed HIV cases.
• The rate of preterm births is higher than the citywide rate.
• The rate of adult obesity is over three times the rate of Manhattan.
• The diabetes rate is over four times the rate of Manhattan.
• The rate of adult psychiatric hospitalizations is much higher than the average Queens rate.
• Asthma hospitalizations among children ages 5-14 are much higher than the rates in other Queens communities.
• The top causes of death are heart disease and cancer.
• Despite a decrease in infant mortality across the city, the rate in QV is still more than seven times higher than rates in the Upper Ea...

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... about the health benefits of exercise to combat obesity and diabetes.
• Refer at risk community members to nutritionists and diabetes educators to assist with weight management.
• Work with the community to educate and manage risk factors associated with strokes, such as diet and nutrition, physical activity, alcohol and smoking.
• Encourage people within the community to receive routine HIV testing and develop awareness about the virus to help treat and reduce its spread.
• Work with organizations to provide HIV screening and outreach programs for people who are affected.
• Work with community leaders to develop more out patient programs for the mentally ill to help stop the revolving door within the hospitals.
• Work with organizations to provide education and wellness programs for pregnant women to help decrease the rate of infant mortality within the community.

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