Essay about Tecnology and Humanity

Essay about Tecnology and Humanity

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Technology and Humanity


A new study commissioned by Intel Corporation and conducted by Penn Schoen Berland found that young adults, especially millennials (aged 18 to 24) who grew up with smartphones, iPads and other digital gizmos and gadgets, are increasingly tech savvy; but many who fall into this category also think technology is making people less human in the process. The “Intel Innovation Barometer” further revealed that the millennials globally show a stark contrast to their reputation as digital natives who can’t get enough of the high-tech stuff in their lives. In fact, the study noted a majority of millennials even agree that technology makes people less human (Suciu, 2013).

There has been an evolution of human interactions as the world moved into a digital era where billions of people are connected via an ever advancing technology boom. Technological growth has led to changes in ways in which humans interact with one another and this has brought about differences in how humans perceive one another online as opposed to in reality. Nowadays most of human interactions with other human beings are entirely online and seldom do humans make an effort to meet face-to-face.

Human interaction is more than just words; body language, gestures and the environment, are all a part of the human interaction experience. These are the aspects of human interaction that give rise to the emotional attachments people have with other human beings. But with technology only words can be used while interacting with fellow humans and this makes it absolutely difficult to be emphatic while in interaction since it is harder to know how someone feels when that someone is not present face-to-face. This gradua...

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