Technology: Yesterday and Today Essay

Technology: Yesterday and Today Essay

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Technology is everywhere. It is in community phones, computers, and radios. No matter where you go or who you meet, technology will be there. America has become dependant on technology, so much that it has become useful for giving punishments to children. (By taking their phone, music device, or computer away.) Many have grown accustomed, to having internet when and where they want it. However, it wasn’t always like this, not even a decade ago phones were still being created, more developed, and improved. All of technology was still in the, “construction” zone. With society on its toes waiting to see the new creations that they could use. If technology has come this far from the 1990’s, then it can only go further increasing America’s dependency on it.
Not everyone had cell phones in the 90’s. In fact, cell phones were only for adult use unlike today, and if you had a cell phone you were a big deal. To be seen talking on a cell phone, that showed that you either had money, or you were a very important person. “Cell phones are one of the best inventions of all times and they have really changed the way we communicate pushing this process beyond the limits”, written by Mortimer, author of, “Back to the ‘90s-Vintage Cell Phone Designs”. This explains that in the 90’s, cell phones were looking up. Even if the prices weren’t. They kept advancing, improving, and enhancing. According to Mortimer, “1990’s were the epoch when phones have received bigger screens, abandoned aerials and antennas, became smaller and smarter”. This explains how big cell phones were, and the race to make them better and more efficient. Only the best and coolest people had them. Boy, do years change.
Twenty years later, only take one look around and everyon...

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