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Technology transfer could be so complicated at times to explore due to all the tasks require to be able to give a full analysis of what is involve and the process that one has to go through. Although many people have tried tracing the source of precise technology and how it affected the originating culture and the role it has on history. However, there are some common fundamentals that could be helpful in analyzing all the activities that are involved. Some of the clue that has been of help so far identifying technology transfer is what is being transferred, where technology is transferred from, those receiving transferred, and lastly how the technology is delivered to the receiver.
To better understand how technology transfer work in this day of technology drove society, we might want to reveal how technology transfer started in the 19th century. When we look back to history, we can see that there a two major events that took place. The very first thing we saw when we look at the 19 century is the rate in which industrial technology advanced. Another event that seen apparent in technology transfer during 19th century is domination and exploitation of many africas and Asia countries by the Europeans. With all these in mind as we move into the 21st, we can see that transfer of technology is map-reading away from domination to local adaptation. Unlike the 19th where we see a lot of industrialized nations like the European dominating less industrialized nations, the 21st has experience adaptation of technology transfer from other industrialized nation. However, this chapter lists the channels through which technology is transfer. The channels are formal and informal channels.
There are several procedures in a formal channel of t...

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...ct is high and the market is large. Technology transfer provides cross-disciplinary prospective for researchers to work together with other organizations. Besides that, transfer of technology alleviate the encumber imposed on natural resources through R & D by adapting science and technology proficiency.
Technology transfer has its pros and cons. There is no doubt that with all these in mind, there will be people who will ignore, accept, or advocate about the idea of transferring technology. Those that advocate against technology transfer might have a personal reason why they either speak against it or refused to accept technology transfer. However, anyone either the government, company, or individual should make sure that they treat technology transfer as their key operational approach and develop a comprehensive approach to guarantee the best possible practices.

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