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Technology - The Fuel of the World Essays

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In today’s world, in general, life moves faster. Daily routines would not feel complete without technology. Often it is believed that technology becomes worthless when one does not know how to use it. Without the internet or television millions of people would go without the news and events happening at the waking moment. Along with the advances in technology comes a great dilemma to be explored of when an overload of technology has been reached and may result in destruction of mankind.
Technology includes most products that are manufacturer in factories every day. Take iPods for example, they provide the soundtrack to many people’s lives but mainly routines. IPods are a pretty vague subject but the difficulty to narrow and limit a product that provides so many uses can become tricky. An article has reported that a study undertaken at the University of Wolverhampton where iPod’s uses have taken a slight academic turn. IPods were being used as educational devices. Although not entirely replacing lectures or professors but becoming effective means of supporting student learning. Reported benefits included “motivating learners, enabling student interaction, offering time-shifted learning engagement and personalization of learning”. (Steve Cooper) Specific lectures on certain college classes are now being offered at iTunes. All lectures being free to anyone, this allows one to dramatically decrease mindless distractions instead listening to an enlightening lecture on today’s credit crunch right on their amazing iPod.
IPods can even be used to train doctors in saving lives. At the annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology a new study was presented that indicates iPods can double medical interns’ ability to diagno...

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... that is not known, but sooner or later the people of this world will find out what technology has in store for the masses.

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