Technology 's Impact On Youth And Teens Essay

Technology 's Impact On Youth And Teens Essay

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In the 21st century, technology has easily become a central part to daily life. But nowadays, it seems as if the younger generation is more involved in technology than older generations. Technology is helpful and entertaining, but today’s youth have more technology than toys: such as cell phones, iPods, tablets, and video games. An online article states that, “excessive digital screen dependence can lead to overexposure, intense arousal, poor regulation, and less reading time” (Barreto and Adams). The fact is that technology’s evolvement throughout the years is affecting youth and teens. Technology has had its benefits and has also created an environment of dependence and addiction that, unchecked, will harm interpersonal relationships. Some have become addicted to technology as well as losing their communication with others and being productive in any outside activities.
Technology has evolved a lot in the past years. Flip phones are now smart phones, pen and paper are now iPods or tablets, and playing a sport outside has turned into playing video games. The rapid evolution of technology has taken the world by storm and very little people have stopped to reflect on the advancements and what they mean. Before smart phones were invented, people’s only communication tool was a simple flip phone. It was a small flip phone that would only make calls or send text messages. As the years passed, phones began to get Internet service. Some companies started making cell phones larger so movies and television shows could be watched right on your phone, with some including a built in keyboard to make it easier to type, it is even possible to write research papers on a phone! With the Internet, new social media applications were created such a...

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...imits our freedom.
• It is not necessarily bad, but it’s not great.
• We use it way too much (253).
While the explosion of technology has evolved and changed through out the years, it has affected human in the recent years. Technology is used by all ages, starting from two year old and up. Technology has taking some of their interactive times with others as well as an addiction to it. The amount of screen time used among humans has changed drastically with the years. People do not communicate with other or their own children as they are supposed to. The whole family has been upgraded to be socially isolated. New game applications are taking over children’s outside playing time and interaction. Social media applications are used to communicate or share post, which prevents them from communicating face to face. “Technology must serve us not the reverse” (Kiernan 255).

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