Technology 's Impact On The 21st Century Teacher Essay

Technology 's Impact On The 21st Century Teacher Essay

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Today children learning is different. Technology’s impact on the 21st century teacher, children and family now rely heavily on communication and transportation technology to make their lives faster and efficient. Teacher teach children about fire safety and prevention with vision lessons through technology It helps children’s acquisition and maintenance a lot of fire safety knowledge (Vicgovau, 2016).

In this scenario Ms. Newcombe concern children wellbeing and learning at school, which is good example, children learn first safety awareness or practice frequently. Ms. Newcombe promoted the fire safety teaching and learning led to students discover the fire safety it will impact on our health wellbeing that important message (Vicgovau, 2016). By use the past experience of fire accident at school to deliver a message to children. It has addressed a real life happened to reinforce children’s knowledge that they learn about fire safety awareness at school or at home (Vicgovau, 2016). Another, the principle very thoughtful, he advocated to support children’s behaviour and an idea use a science project for the lesson. Children can identify learning what materials cause the fire or they will learn how to make this fire happened and this matter effects of the fire on the local community (Vicgovau, 2016). This real lesson related to children life experience that to facilitate their learning about the coal mine and the fire safety concepts.

However, Mr. Benjamin recommended that to contact with the local fire station and invite the firefighter as a role model comes to student classroom for a fire safety presentation on fire prevention and talk about what to do in case of a fire during some situation (Vicgovau, 2016). This is where childre...

... middle of paper ... method of developing children a fire safe behaviour. Teachers can show the right way for children use fire and express children particular concern was that they should place on fire safety at home.

Teachers through local firefighter present the fire safety awareness, learning program which provides an opportunity face to face and over the internet’s such local fire station website help children to develop a healthy understanding of fire and what role children should learn more from their age. Teachers explain to student understanding fire risk, create and maintain rules about fire. Children know that the rules having consequences if the situation come across. Children can build this knowledge about the consequences of unsafe fire that mean teacher teaching children know that fire is dangerous, fire is not interested and if children left unchecked it can kill us.

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