Essay on Technology Plan for Teachers and Students

Essay on Technology Plan for Teachers and Students

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The responsibilities of administrators are to support their staff in integrating new technology in order to achieve new levels of productivity and achievement. A new technology plan is needed to decide if integrating technology into the system will be beneficial for the curriculum. The administrators must share this vision with other educators, parents, member of the community, and especially business leaders. Technology will enhance the learning ability of the student and boost the teacher’s morale (November, 1998).
In order for the teacher to feel that they are not being left out, the administrators should conduct training for the faculty so that they can learn the system before implemented it into the classroom. Staff development will help teachers become comfortable and proficient and give them the opportunity to acquire ways to use the technology in the classroom. Each teacher will individually evaluate strategies to meet goals in the plan (November, 1998).
Teachers are happy when their student master the technology skills but the administrators need to show the teacher that they are important too by helping to boost their morale. Teachers are motivated when they are recognized for their accomplishment, advancement, development, and financial rewards. It is the responsibility of the administrators to make sure that all teachers have enough schedule time for each class to have access to the computers; teachers should have enough time to prepare lesson plans for computer learning, and above all, have enough computers for the classes (Baylor, Ritchie, 2002, p 7).
The school cultures for many years have stayed the same, but as the school system reforms, the culture must change. The norms will change in order to coincide wit...

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