Essay about The Technology Of Cell Phone

Essay about The Technology Of Cell Phone

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The Technology of Cell Phone
There is no doubt that mobile phone has become one of the most important part in people’s daily life. People use it to read the news, pay the bill, and share the interest… Every time when people talking about mobile phones, they hold different opinions, some of them think it’s really convenient to use cell phones, while others think it makes people separate from the real world. In fact, many people enjoy using their phone, but at the same time they are complaining that mobile phone have took their privacy and the freedom away. However, mobile phone is invented to be convenient, it is impossible to let people stop using their phone…The cell phone technology makes people get closer to each other, it can be helpful to people’s jobs or school. It is not only a good friend in class, but also a good partner at work. Moreover, apps encourage people to explore the world.
When people think about the change in daily life, they often think about science and technology. The article from Progressive Grocer, “Recession or not, for good reason there’s no shortage of innovation in the mobile media industry.” (Progressive). The technology of cell phone, in contrast, is an invention of modern world to help people communicate with each other and do self management, rather than make people get cyber addition or lost themselves. According to the research by Ildikó Dén‐Nagy, an economist and sociologist “out of the world’s estimated 7billion people, 6 billion have access to cell phones, which represent a rate of pen-etration of eighty-five percent of the population of the planet as a whole.” (Dén‐Nagy, 193). It shows that mobile phones have become a device suits people’s need. Also, if people broaden their mind and really t...

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...asier with a cell phone. While it is true that, mobile phone takes some people’s time and energy away, it doesn’t necessarily means every one is addicted to their phones. From this point, cell phone is not only a devise that link people to the world, but also a friend in people’s life.
To sum up, It’s hard to tell whether mobile phones is good or not, it just about how people use their phone. Some people really make good use of it, so that they can find the value inside their phone. Mobile phone changed people’s lifestyle and habit, it makes communication become less distant. Cell phone helps student find interest in study, and makes people feel more flexible at job. Different Apps let the world smaller, more open, and more visible. Using cell phone have it own risk and benefit, however, if one really use it properly it can make a balance between life and cell phone.

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