Technology: Management Information Systems Essay

Technology: Management Information Systems Essay

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Moore’s law can be defined as a forecast that the number of micro components that could be fitted into a silicon chip of the lowest developed cost would increase twofold after a period of eighteen months. It is another way of stating that the processing speed of a micro chip doubles every eighteen months.
Since the speed of the microprocessor is increasing in a span of eighteen months, it means that it will take half the time that was previously taken, to execute a particular task. Business transactions can be performed faster within a shorter duration than usual.
As the numbers of transistors increase every eighteen months, so will there be an increase in the space to store data. This means that more space will be required to handle the incoming data which will be coming at a high speed and going at the same high speed in the transmission of data.
Nonroutine cognitive skills can be explained as skills that require one to be flexible, to have a sense of creativity and to be apt in problem solving. Knowing how to operate a certain machine in an organization is not a fact to guarantee job security in that particular sector (Yousef 2). This is so because such an operator can be hired from another area to perform that task. But the ability to handle complex unexpected situations in the workplace can guarantee security in the workplace. A worker who has the ability of thinking fast when a machine like a computer fails on how to make it work, or even can find a way to make sure that the task that was being performed by the said machine can be accomplished through other means, whilst the broken one is being attended to, may be in a good position to retain the job especially when the management would be deciding to reduce the number of...

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...y programmers are to come up with programs to make the running of the computer easier and faster. A system analyst tackles problems, initiates solutions and recommends the best software for a particular task while an information systems manager is concerned with the installation, makes sure that there are available backup systems and is concerned with acquiring of hardware and software as well (Yousef 12). CIO is the Chief Information Officer and deals in managing the execution of the technology in a business while the CSO deals with the security issues in an organization as the Chief Security Officer. The CKO on the other hand is the Chief Knowledge Officer whose work entails setting up the guidelines of the employees and can be assisted by the senior management.

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