Technology Is Used by More as the Expense Goes Down Essay

Technology Is Used by More as the Expense Goes Down Essay

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The new Boob tube
People have become so reliant on technology and just in the last couple of years on ipads and Tablets. These devices have changed a lot of ways that we function; for example, we generally would use a laptop to do many of the functions that are now executed by the tablets. People have become reliant upon the convenience and simplicity. These products are sold at nearly every retail store across the United States, making it a breeze to get one. Therefore, making them as popular, if not more as the T.V.; with that being said, there are many positives and a few negatives to these products. The use of tablets (ipads, etc.) has increased greatly in the last couple of years also due to affordability.
Tablets and similar technology has made accessibility and mobility stress-free for numerous Americans over these past years. Many businesses are also utilizing them within their companies by issuing them to their employees. For example, realtors do not have to rely solely on printing out listings when showing homes to a potential home buyer. Instead, they can now, access listings quickly and also show pictures of houses that may fit a client’s criteria, by using the tablet or ipad. In addition they can also access the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) while in the field, and check on houses that may have just been listed. Similarly, Engineers are able to collect data and enter it in as they receive it, and with it being so much lighter generally under a pound they are able to carry them without difficulty. They are compact, lightweight and ideal for portability. Some of them also have a built in camera making it effortless to transfer and attach pictures to other coworkers. Helping to rectify and resolve problems quickly.

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... skills that are necessary to operate a mouse.
Overall tablets are highly functional and help aide in the simplicity of everyday tasks. We can watch movies, videos, look up directions, recipes, take pictures, read books, and access the web and a multitude of other tasks with these tiny machines. What was once only possible with either a desk top computer or a laptop is now capable with a gadget only a little bigger than some smart phones. These devices are the pinnacle of technology. Although they lack the processing capacity of desk top or laptops, they are getting better, and approaching the standards of notebooks and laptops, by improving their storage abilities, and all around functionality. Currently their functionality is limited but more than sufficient for some consumer’s uses. I am completely satisfied with my tablet and can even access my text book on it.

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