Technology Is Too Much On Technology Essay

Technology Is Too Much On Technology Essay

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Do we as humans rely too much on technology? I do believe we do, Technology is separating us as people look at each other not as humans but as “users” or profiles we create for our self’s online. Letting humans to not want to socially interact with one another “offline” or in person. But, Technology also lets us connect with people all over the world in a variety of ways our ancestors couldn’t imagine today. Technology also saves people’s lives daily. Thinking forward in time we as humans will be relying even more on technology as we do today.

Technology is driving this generation further and further apart physically. No more playing outside at the parks or hanging out at the mall. Kids are able to do these things virtually, hanging out with one another via social media or shopping online on any name brand store website. Kids these days won’t be taught how to make a camp and survive in the wilderness like I was taught as a kid, they would be taught how to make sure the WIFI is working on the house and to make sure all devices are plugged in and charging so they can comm...

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