Technology Is The New Learning Method Essay

Technology Is The New Learning Method Essay

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For those who have a student who goes to school can see that technology plays a big role with their education and how they learn. By now parents can see that technology is the new learning method. Welcome to the 21st century! The 21st century makes it very clear that technology is changing everything. It changes student learning and how educators teach. Technology is the future of higher education and regular education. Here soon, technology will take over. Kelly Perkins claims, “technology has revolutionized the college campus, but as with most things in life, technology adoption isn’t a one size fits all affairs” (2016, para.1). Considering universities and other schools such as institutes who lean on higher education feed off of different learning opportunities including technology because it provides the right amount of tools and resources that are needed for student success.
Being able to enhance the right kind of technology encourage learning opportunities to help student learning. This helps build a positive classroom environment and outcome. Today, we here about how education has increased due to the right amount of tools and resources that are provided for students to gain more knowledge. Well we have technology to thank for that. When educators adopt technology, it helps he or she teach better and open doors for the students. The teacher can then deliver the main message for students to understand. Now days, students are not stuck in a classroom while sitting at a desk staring off into space. They are now able to take learning to a whole new level by doing it online. Learning online allows students to work at a pace that is comfortable for them. “New high growth technologies have entered the online ed...

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...nt effort and I have great respect for this. Online learning has come so far and us students are making it even better. While improvements have been made we continue to work hard and focus on the important things. Technology plays a big role in this. It allows us to connect, build relationships and work together. I have also learned that technology plays a huge role in teaching achievement. Chung Ji-Sook states, “Teachers ' use of technologies was defined as how much time teachers assigned students to use technologies for higher-order skill development and basic skill development” (2002, para.2). I come to realize that technology is our future. It not only builds student success, but it allows teachers and students to connect. While we know that technology has a main role with student learning we must realize it does hold a great place with higher education.

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