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Technology Is The Key Aspect Essay

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Technology is the key aspect in everyone’s life. No one can disagree that it has taken over all fields of life, its everywhere. Over the years technology has greatly improved our lives and had led to far better life for us and the community. As technology develops more and more, it only make sense to integrate it in our educational system. Its very important to use that technology in learning and educations. Not only it’s a great tool to use but also students would need to use it and interact with it in every aspect of their life outside of school. As a results, using technology in early education is rapidly becoming an integral part of teaching children the essential skills they need to form the basis for future learning.

Many articles and blogs been written to address it but one in particular enticed me and drew my attention, was “5 Free Digital Resources For #ELL #ESL #TESOL Students & Those Learning a Foreign Language” by Lisa Nielsen. It talks about how we can use digital resources to support modern learning and that different apps, sites and browsers can help learning languages in a whole lot easier way and more interactively than the old typical rigid means that been used in earlier years. It takes us through a journey demonstrating different digital tools that we can inherit and imply into our daily education system by using apps, social websites, browsers and sites to help children develop the skills they require for language learning.

The article demonstrate the great connection between technology and learning by showing that technology should be used as a tool for early learners to learn essential language skills. The first stop in that journey introduce us to an app called Duolingo, one of the world’s largest la...

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..., to the point that no one can live without it, it became this confidence boast to our students, however, us as educators, need to make sure that children and teens are using it appropriately and are learning the useful aspects from it. Though not every school has the resources to provide students with personal tablets or computers yet, it’s very important knowing that technology can have a serious impact on your students’ achievements we just need to be using each of those available tool to the best of their potential along with coming up with creative ways to be able to help our education system to the best way possible.


Neilson, L. (2015). 5 Free Digital Resources For #ELL #ESL #TESOL Students & Those Learning a Foreign Language

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