Technology Is The Dominant, Determining Factor Essay

Technology Is The Dominant, Determining Factor Essay

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According to Winston in his article How Media Are Born, in technological determinism “technology is the dominant, determining factor” (62) to the changes in mass communication. Winston presents two approaches to technological determinism. The first is Technological Determinist Account A. In this account, technology is dominant and is “discovered by an essentially internal process of research and development, which then sets the conditions for social change and progress.” (Winston 787) This account is about the “great men” who are a part of the technology world and only about them as individuals. The second account, Technological Determinist Account B, “presents seamless sequence of technical events, each automatically triggering its successor.” (Winston 790) It does not involve great men, instead, it is about “the never-ending advancement of human knowledge in western culture.” (Winston 787)
In Winston’s article, he states that in cultural determinism socioeconomic factors determine the technological changes in mass communication. Winston presents two approaches to cultural determinism. The first is Cultural Determinist Account A which “implies an examination of the circumstances into which the technology is introduced and diffused through society.” (Winston 791) This account resists the idea of invention and what will happen instantly. This account also focuses on economics, a social factor. The second account Winston discusses is Cultural Determinist Account B, his ultimate position between the accounts, which attempts to bring together all the social elements and insist that it was that combination that led to the creation of a given technology. This account looks at economics, gender, politics, science, race, class etc. Thi...

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...entually, in the 1920s the public sphere was open to a “host of commercial pleasures” (73) such as going to the park or movies. The advertisement is a gender neutral advertisement. There is gender equality in the advertisement as it has both male and females represented in a neutral way with no exemplifications of stereotypical gender roles. There is also no division of private and public spheres, the advertisement shows both men and women outside and inside the private sphere, there is a man with his son in his home as well as a woman on her bed looking at her phone.
Both men and women are shown in the public sphere, there is a woman riding the subway and a couple on a bridge taking a selfie. In conclusion, this advertisement is a gender neutral advertisement with gender equality because of its representation of men and women in both the public and private spheres.

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