Technology Is The Biggest Change Essays

Technology Is The Biggest Change Essays

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When I was younger, I remember playing outside and knowing all the kids in my neighborhood. We played all types of games from hop scotch to jump rope to hide and go seek. As I continue to get older, I see the younger generation with all types of electronics and only knowing app games on their Ipad or tablet. My parents always say how grateful we are; because when they were growing up they didn’t have any of this technology. Technology is the biggest change that I have recognized throughout these years. For centuries, technology has continued to develop and now it has more of an impact in today’s generation.
When my younger siblings get in trouble they won’t fuss unless, they get their cell phones or play station taken away from them. Just to think when I was younger those things were not as important to me, and even to argue back was not something I would think to do. I see this almost as an addiction; they feel like they need to be on their devices or they go crazy. Instead of them understanding there consequences, they will argue for their electronics back. Offering to take out the trash or clean their rooms when this is something they should already be doing. This electronics are a distraction to younger people, because when I was growing up doing chores was something I had no choice of or I would get my butt whooped. So Instead of my siblings seeing that having electronics is a privilege, to them is more of its mine. But to them this is something normal, they say “well everyone has one so why can’t we? In a situation like this I can’t argue back. On my defense, I use my cell phone for almost everything. This is nothing am proud of, but more something am used to, I feel the need to be in touch with my friends, I need to see ...

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...t will actually help our life styles and not so much on social media This generation would be better off without it. We would all communicate in person and actually have real friends not people on the internet that you only met once or maybe never even met and consider that person to being your best friend.
Being around my siblings is only a small example how technology has changed our culture especially in the younger generation. It affects the way we think respond to thing .and how we interact with others. When we become older there is no telling how far technology could get but one day we will be talking to our kids about how technology was back in the day just like my dad talk to me about his technology. Within time generations have changed in different ways and technology is definitely one that will continue to expand and will be the center of people’s lives.

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