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Technology Is Part Of Our Future Essay examples

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Technology is part of our future, we are always using it in life, it makes no sense to exclude it from schools. To prepare students for their future and encourage them to forever learn is the job of a teacher. As the overseers of teachers, these are your standards and students as well. To teach and incorporate without technology is unproductive in preparing our students for their futures. We must teach for the students. We cannot be selfish and teach in the ways that we want. Influences, concerns of money, and testing are negative influences. Technology is enrichment, interaction, learning, and an undeniable part of their future.
Technology brings in the possibilities of outside interaction and help. We have an unlimited number of resources that can be used inside of the classroom. We no longer have to wait for books to be delivered. On the servers they are accessible to everyone at the same time. Also, technology can create the wildest things from student imaginations and it’s only a small fraction of what can be created or done.
Technology is capable of enriching the instruction of classrooms. It’s able to cultivate the results that we wish for. Instinctively, we teach in a certain style, causing us to not be able to reach each student. Technology “changes the way teachers teach, offering educators effective ways to reach different types of learners and assess student understanding through multiple means.” “Why Integrate Technology into the Curriculum?” As teachers, with technology, it’s no longer just us alone teaching these students. We have a whole community teaching these students. We can create the world where the motivation of a student is all that is needed because the motivation on our end has been maxed out. Technology...

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...l or open one, address it to the right person, and attach documents
Week or day 4
1. Introduce part 4 which includes opening the received pan pal letter
2. Can go over how to open an e-email if didn’t in part 3
3. Have the student review what they have received, extra time may be allowed
4. If time allows start the students on the next project (a response draft with included an included research project for the other pen pal to see.)
Assessment: Graded point system for each part of the project based on participation and including all the required variables requested in the print out. 50 pts total.

BARTLETT, J. C. (2016). Teaching For Tomorrow, Today. Education Digest, 81(6), 4.
E. (2008, March 16). Why Integrate Technology into the Curriculum?: The Reasons Are Many. Retrieved June 29, 2016, from

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