Essay about Technology Is Negatively Affecting Children At School

Essay about Technology Is Negatively Affecting Children At School

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Technology is constantly evolving in the world around us and has the ability to make many positive impacts. When it comes to certain technology, children seem to have their hands on it at such a young age. Young children are influenced by technology almost everywhere, primarily at home and within school. Whether individuals see technology being used by young children as a positive or negative is completely up to their morals and beliefs. While researching the ethical lense of technology having an effect on the psychological development of preschool through elementary school aged children, there are different viewpoints depending on where the technology is used. It seems that many individuals from a variety of perspectives believe that technology is negatively affecting children at home but positively affecting children at school.
To begin with, technology has the power to change education for the better. According to Raj Dhingra, a twenty-year veteran of the technology industry, “when you change the thinking, you can change the rules.” During Dhingra’s TEDx talk, he brings up the example of two dots and how the closest distance between those two dots is a straight line. However, he “bends” the rules and folds the paper in half to make the distance between the two dots nothing because they are now touching each other. He explains that students need to learn to bend the rules and think outside of the box which technology can help them do. Technology has the ability to innovate education if it is used correctly and we allow children to think differently. According to Will Richardson, the co-founder of Powerful Learning Practice, believes that "right now, schools are resistant, fearing the disruption that mobile access ...

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...views on technology. Just like everything else in life, we react to certain things and think the way we do because of past experiences, moral beliefs, and influence from others.
Technology is a never-ending topic because it is constantly evolving. There are stronger views towards technology being useful in the educational field. Many of the beliefs are from technology experts and teachers themselves. There are many good points brought up from their own experiences and research previously done. Furthermore, technology has been seen poorly when being used at home with young children. Much of the points given were from morals and personal beliefs, as well as influences and past experiences. From this, I must conclude that technology being used by children has been seen as a positive when being used at school while it has been seen as a negative when being used at home.

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