Technology Is More Beneficial Than Disadvantageous

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Technology in our life Do you personally believe technology is more beneficial than disadvantageous in your life? Technology has grown to be an intense subject to talk about, because everyone has different opinions. In the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” the author Nicholas Carr utilizes different information and opinions about technology. At first, he provides some reasons why technology is beneficial, but ends up explaining how his brain has been changed and how, “the deep reading that used to come naturally has became a struggle” (Carr 961) . Through the article, Carr gives personal experiences and opinions of others to support that technology is an obstacle to concentrate and how it turns people stupid. In my opinion, I support Carr’s conclusion of technology being a consequence in our reading,writing,thinking and living. Technology such as Google could strengthen people in certain ways, but the problem here is that most of us don 't know how to use the technology correctly. Which is making the majority of people reduce their learning by depending too much on technology. The use of technology has increased laziness, caused multitasking, and changed the way we think and do things. The opportunity of having Google in our lives, has become a disadvantage. Most people expect to get information rapidly and with little effort. Back in the day, when we were not dependent on technology most people used different resources to find information such as books in libraries. When we had to read books to obtain information it was more time consuming, but the results were more efficient and appropriate. Besides books, people use to use maps as a tool to orientate themselves in street, cities, countries, and states. Our advanced tech... ... middle of paper ... ...ause now they prefer to use technology devices. In my personal experience, I have noticed that electronic components have control society because back in my childhood when technology wasn 't so popular I use to interact with my friends and have long talks in parties, but now all we do is have short conversations and use our cell phones. Our brains have begun to be massive remodelled by the new higher technology. Having google has also made us become more lazy and put less effort in our work. While making us multitask and not get the same amount of information we need to in order to become successful. Technology has changed our lives completely and became a distraction in our lives. Now most of our brain has become artificial because we are not gaining the same amount of knowledge. For this and many more reasons I support Carr’s conclusion that google make us stupid.

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