Technology Is Killing Movies Essay

Technology Is Killing Movies Essay

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A car peels into a dark road. The sound of thunder and rain scare the passengers inside the car. The driver reads a map drenched with water as the paper falls apart. The passengers are convinced they are lost, but the driver refuses to admit it. He ignores his gut feeling and he takes a road down the wrong path. They head into a world of darkness, mystery and the unknown as the car disappears into the night. This premise sounds similar to the tropes seen in a horror story.
If this were in real life, the story would be cut short, and we would not explore the rest of this story. We would never find out what happens after the car headed on the dark road or what happens in the darkness. This inclusion of electronic devices and internet, ruin the mystery aspect of storytelling. If characters in the story were transported to our time, they would have mobile phones and GPS systems. They could easily find the correct route, or use the maps on their cell phones. This scenario would be fixed without much of a problem and there would be no more stories to tell. There are no longer stories of friends going off on an adventure without the assistance or dependency of technology. In several instances, when people embark on an adventure, they take electronics for assistance. "Films therefore are productive as well as products of culture; in other words, they respond to as well as reflect culture. [...] Film takes ideas and images from the world in which we live and then turns these into stories which aren't simply identical with the world outside of film" (Nowlan). Just as Bob Nowlan, a professor of film at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire said that films reflect our culture, we also cannot escape technology. Technology is ever changing and...

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