Essay on Technology Is Evolving Today 's Society And Hershey High School

Essay on Technology Is Evolving Today 's Society And Hershey High School

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Technology is evolving everywhere. Hershey High School is a school moving towards a more technology based learning style. Almost all the students are using technology in classes. Since most jobs are moving towards technology use this gives students an edge up in the work force. Technology is advancing fast in today 's society and Hershey High School is evolving too.

How teachers are using technology in class.
Brianna Crowley has been teaching English at Hershey High School for eight years. In the last five years she has been using technology. Technology is apart of our culture and she enjoys using it. Crowley likes bringing technology to class that students use everyday into the classroom.
She views technology as a way to gives students more freedom and options when doing graded assignments. "All students comprehend information differently...they are now able to present it differently in my class," said Crowley.
For instance Crowley gave her students a project where they had to relate multiple books to each other. Instead of everyone doing the same type of project students had the choice of how they wanted to present the information they found. Students were allowed to make a poster, create a powerpoint, or shoot a video. Everyone had a say in what they do and how they can show an understanding of the topic. This then allowed diversity in the class and pleased everyone 's learning styles.
"Powerful ...

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... big thing technology helps with but also Buston-Green enjoys how much of technology is used in class too. "I have more freedom with what I want to do...I don 't feel that restricted," said Buston-Green.
Burston-Green is not someone who enjoys reading everything out of the textbook. She likes interactive classes. The use of technology has allowed her to have that type of class atmosphere. Green has been very happy with the evolving of technology in class.
"I 'm not the only student who likes technology...almost everyone enjoys using what they 're comfortable with," said Buston-Green.
Burston-Green said she sees students seem to enjoy having something they know about in class. "We just want our students to feel like they have some say in what they due," said Reinnman. Burston-green said that she can see the school allowing more and more technology freedom every year.

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