Technology Is Controlled For Me By My Own Choice Essay

Technology Is Controlled For Me By My Own Choice Essay

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As previously stated, the most important and valuable technology in my life is my laptop computer. I do check in regularly and respond to my email and any online classes I might have usually, several times daily. Technology is controlled for me by my own choice. I don’t have an iPhone, but I do have a cell phone that one of my grandchildren refers to as “embarrassing.” It’s a “pay as you go” phone that has big buttons that I can actually see! It does not take pictures and it doesn’t have internet capability. I do have a Facebook account, but I don’t care to check into it constantly and I don’t choose to have people tracking me down while I’m in the midst of working, or I’m at an appointment, etc. My cell phone isn’t used to chat endlessly on; I do not text much, although I will read a text sent to me and respond if it’s an emergency. I have a land-line telephone with the same number that I’ve had for over thirty-years and its connected to a digital answering system, which is what most people call when they want to speak with me, or leave me a message. I still do use the telephone book to look up numbers and I use the internet also, but sometimes it’s faster to simply look it up in the book. I have voicemail on my cell phone also, and I do listen to it, contingent upon if I hear it ring! I’m not the traditional person sitting in a restaurant with her nose stuck in a cellphone or fingers busily texting, but I see folks doing this type of thing constantly. My grandson wanted to teach me to text and he did, but it just didn’t click for me, I don’t see the necessity. I’m more of a dial my number and talk to me kind of person. While waiting in traffic last summer, I watched a girl almost walk into an oncoming truck becaus...

... middle of paper ... for quick wins. It almost seems that they go online to avoid reading in the traditional sense.” The last sentence captivates me because I don’t think people are trying to avoid reading in the traditional sense. I see this more as a time and convenience factor. We lived in a society where there aren’t enough hours in the day for most people. For the most part, I do agree this study is probably quite accurate as the University has reported. It’s similar to what I would do myself when searching online, except I would be more prone to dive deeper into articles and read the long ones. But many times I don’t get very far down in the search sequence order before I find what I’m looking for. Lastly, because of the speed of convenience and the wealth of information retrieved from online sources, it is crucial to carefully check the information for credibility.

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