Technology Is A Wonderful Thing Essay

Technology Is A Wonderful Thing Essay

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Technology is a marvelous thing. It has not only given us a world of knowledge right at our finger tips, it has enhanced our lives in just about every aspect. From Doctors being able to do brain surgery through a person’s leg to never having to step foot in a classroom on a college campus to earn a degree. However, along with this marvelous invention we call technology, there is a present and consistent danger that exists. There is no such thing as private or personal information in a person’s life anymore because it only takes the tap of a keyboard and a few seconds to discover just about anything about anyone. Digital media can be used to antagonize and create mental and physical harm. Therefore, digital security and safety has also become a vital part of our lives.

It is true that businesses, agencies, and other organizations have a responsibility to ensure digital security to the individuals that they serve. Those businesses or agencies that have installed and continuously upgrade digital security systems have in all probability bridged the gap between those that handle the money (the business side) and those that maintain the necessary digital security (technical side) for the company. According to Robert C. Covington, "the two sides working together can help propel the business forward, with security being a saleable business trait" (Information security). It is unfortunate, but digital security individuals must usually convince those managing the money why tightened security is necessary and why there is a need to spend money on it. One technique for convincing management that there is a need for tightening security is to do an assessment that reflects what is needed, why it is needed, the consequences of not implementing...

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...y reasons but they fail to recognize that children can be enticed by peers and other to utilize the phone for inappropriate things. It’s not what their child will do, it is what the other person will do once they have access to the child. According to Petra Starke, one solution for parents to protect their children in this digital world while giving them a means to communicate is to “don’t buy them a smartphone if you can avoid it. Get them what I call a dumb phone, a phone that makes calls and does SMS only”. (Dumb Phones Dubbed Smarter for Kids Safety)

Technology touches everyone from the newborn baby who applies for a social security card on line to the oldest person who received social security. There is no way around it and just as those who develop technology are praised so to should those who work to keep us safe in the realm of digital security and safety.

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