Essay on Technology Is A Way Of Life

Essay on Technology Is A Way Of Life

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Since the beginning of time, mankind as had a thirst for knowledge and this has lead us to make technological leaps. Technology really started to flourish at the dawn of the new millennium, and since then, it has been made possible for mankind to have the world constantly at its fingertips. Everywhere you look, there is someone on a phone, tablet, or laptop responding to a text, playing a game, Googling the hottest new fashion accessory or checking out what’s trending on Twitter. This is not just another crazy trend the teens of today are involved in though. People of all ages are involved and affected by the pros and cons of technology, because it is apart of the way that our lives are now lived.
In today’s day and age, technology is a way of life, and it is very helpful in many ways. First, we are able to communicate with people that we do not get to see very often, or people that we go to school with and have the same interests as. Learning has been moved over to the internet now as well. College professors are able to upload things directly online for their students to access us...

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