Technology Is A Vital Part Of Life Essay

Technology Is A Vital Part Of Life Essay

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When looking at the immeasurable exponential growth of technology, we as humans often overlook the fact that, as technology changes, so do we. In fact, technology starts acting more like us every day. For example: We have robots capable of undergoing and understanding research, and although the “singularity,” a point in time at which technology becomes capable of incrementing its own intelligence (similarly to humans), hasn’t been reached yet, we can’t deny that the time is closing in. Conversely, human independence has been decreasing at a similar rate to that of which technology has been growing. We need to have technology on us at all times, otherwise, we would feel “naked.” Since technology is becoming such a vital part of life, and it is starting to do tasks we thought only humans can do, we ask the question: When technology is capable of doing everything for us, what will differentiate humans from machines? We consider ourselves to be a unique species with unparalleled cognitive abilities and unmatched problem solving power. But once machines are capable of synthesizing ideas and incrementing their intelligence, distinguishing human from machine will become immensely difficult. The scary part is that this struggle to differentiate human from computer is already happening. Through the Turing competition we discussed when talking about The Most Human Human by Brian Christian, we can see that for a long time now, people have been getting deceived by artificial intelligence pretending to be human through conversation. Because technology is becoming increasingly more human-like, defining what makes us humane becomes more important than ever, and when thinking about the characteristics that define our humanity we can see that our...

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...what major they desire, they should spark from an outside interaction. This is why we feel the desire to have the latest phones when they come out, because the fact that many people around us have said phone sparks this inner desire and it then becomes a goal for us. It wasn’t pre programmed by a higher deity onto us, but it grew within us. Machines simply aren’t capable of generating these needs in the same manner we do. That’s why desires and dreams are a very distinctive trait when comparing humans and machines. Furthermore, when linking the stated idea with the concept of singularity, the fact that desires are a unique trait still hold true. Machines, even with the power of self-augmentation, won’t have desires in the same way we do besides just wanting to become more and more intelligent; they won’t go any farther than being primitive animals in terms of desires.

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