Essay about Technology Is A Problem For People

Essay about Technology Is A Problem For People

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Throughout human history, there has always been a desire to make our life better for people. Besides other species, the human being is one of the creatures that know how to create tools in order to improve lives and how to develop the devices in order to make our world better. In “The Problem of Technology,” Lawler (2005), a professor of Government at Berry College, indicates that people today do not know how to live their life without technology, and the use of technology may lead their life to good and bad at the same time, and that is why technology can be a problem for people to deal with. Various kinds of technology are very hard for people to evaluate whether the technology could be good or not (Lawler, 2005). The expansion of several different kinds of technology should be obtained or denied by human freedom theoretically; however, development of technology actually keeps pushing human’s future continuously and in an emotionless way (Lawler, 2005). Developing technology cannot be stopped, and the impact of new technology permeates the human’s life every day. Data processing, addiction to electronic devices, attention span, and cognizance are the main effects of technology on human.
Processing considerable amounts of data creates new jobs in human life. People use their electronic devices, such as cell phone and laptop, to conduct a lot of tasks or documents faster. The rate of producing has risen by upgrades of technology. The qualities of people’s life gets a lot better by adapting new technology, which leads to increasing more free time for human beings. Therefore, in “Technology, Progress, and Freedom”, Edward Younkins (2000), a professor of administration of accountancy and business at Wheeling Jesuit University, points...

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...g our productivity, our dependency for cell phones, by shortening our attention span, and our cognizance. Everything in our life has a good side and a bad side, so it is not fair that to accuse new technology would make us stupid or bad at works. Professor Younkins said that the result of rejecting technological improvement is that human beings would be satisfied with the lack of every basic human need, such as present illness and starvation (Younkins, 2000). As we all know, these will make people suffer, so it is unwise to avoid or complain about technological improvement. As Professor Pinker and Dr. Melio mentioned in previous paragraphs, electronic devices are very useful, so it is very important to develop self-control, doing one thing at the time, and to know that the things without devices in life are also precious for us (Birdwell, 2007; Pinker, 2010).

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