Technology Is A Hot Debate Essay

Technology Is A Hot Debate Essay

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Whether or not we use technology too excessively is a hot debate. Today, many areas of society rely on technology to function. Studies have shown that incorporating technology in a classroom setting can vastly benefit the learning process of students. Technology has contributed to the development of mankind because it improves the way we live. Technology in communication, education, healthcare, transportation, banking, and households is very helpful and convenient because it makes our lives easier.
Today, technology has vastly changed how we communicate in so many different ways. “Communication Technology is a subject that has the possibility to promote the Geometry and Spatial Sense strand. Students in communication technology have the potential to own the material, take responsibility, and become self-motivated”(Maringola). This statement supports the claim that technology helps develop self motivation and responsibility. The use of technological devices has dramatically changed the way we conduct our social and personal lives. We can now text, email, talk, or chat over the internet to anywhere in the world. An email can be sent to another person in a matter of seconds, whereas compared to the early 40s before the production of technological devices, sending letters could take days. For instance, a hundred years ago, email, telephones, and computers did not exist, and the only way to communicate with someone in another part of the world was by writing letters. This process of communication would take days or sometimes weeks. However, the telephone and the Internet has allowed the world to communicate and send information quickly. The way we do business today is different from the way businesses were conducted 30 years ago. The u...

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...nicating with the community. Technology is making people lack physical communication. One major negative effect of technology is online dangers. This includes lying, predators seeking lonely children online. You should be careful to who you talk to online so as not to be a victim of online danger.
To conclude this, technology in education, business, household, healthcare, banking and transportation makes lives easier and faster. It also provides various opportunities and improves the way we live daily. Technology in the household provides safety and also makes chores easier and faster. Technology in education contributes to the student learning process through challenging them intellectually. Technology in business makes production of goods and services safety, easier, and faster. Technology makes the world goes round, we depend on technology in our daily activities.

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