Technology Introducs Lithium-Ion Batteries Essay

Technology Introducs Lithium-Ion Batteries Essay

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In this recent century, there is ease into taking our technology as something for granted. After all, technology has opened up our abilities to instantly connect to the other side of the world, instantly retrieve information from the Internet, and instantly listen to digital content if desired. However, while a cell phone, laptop, and iPod has many differences from one another, all of those three devices share one item in common at the very least and that is a Lithium-Ion Battery.
Lithium-Ion Batteries are extremely popular in the technology industry for several reasons. First off, they are much lighter then other batteries because they are made with lightweight lithium (a light and reactive metal) and carbon. Second of all, they give the most power per pound. A Lithium-Ion Battery stores 150 watt-hours per kilogram. Compare that with a Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery which only has 100 watt-hours per kilogram or a Lead-Acid Battery which only has 25 watt-hours per kilogram. There is simply no comparison, the Lithium-Ion Battery has the most watt-hours per kilogram (Howstuffworks, 2009).
Some other reasons for the popularity of Lithium-Ion Batteries is that they hold their charge over a long period of time. A Lithium-Ion Battery loses only 5% of the battery’s charge per month while a Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery loses 20% of the battery’s charge per month. Finally, Lithium-Ion Batteries are designed so they can be charged at any time, even if the battery was not at zero percent to begin with (Howstuffworks, 2009).
These reasons are why Lithium-Ion Batteries are some of the most viable options when designing new gadgets. But, the structure of these batteries are why these batteries are being used for new gadgets. A Lithium-Ion Batt...

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... that although Apple’s new lithium-ion battery has been heavily improved, the chemistry inside the cell is still the same. There’s still lithium, carbon, and lithium cobalt oxide inside the cell and the lithium still shuttles between the positive and negative electrodes. The chemistry behind the Lithium-Ion Battery is rock solid. Scientists and innovators are merely finding ways to make the lithium move more efficiently or are simply finding ways to add more lithium ions in a cell.
All in all, Lithium-Ion Batteries help power the world to become more efficient and effective. These batteries power up the portable gadgets that the world takes for granted and they help foster communication and education around the world. While every portable gadget might be different in every way, one thing will always be the same among those gadgets and that is the Lithium-Ion Battery.

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