Technology in the Classroom Stimulates Learning Essay

Technology in the Classroom Stimulates Learning Essay

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Technology in the classroom, is it good or bad? I think this is a question
that will be debated for many years to come. There are those who believe that
we must have technology in the classroom so that we can move forward as a
society. In a speech given by Roy Pea and Larry Cuban, Roy Pea quotes the
Labor Secretary’s Commission on the Achieving Necessary Skill, or SCANS, as
saying “Those unable to use technology face a life time of menial work.” Others
believe that technology replaces learning and is actually making us stupid. Some
believe that the costs out weigh the benefits and others who believe the opposite.
I believe that technology in the classroom can only help to enhance and stimulate
learning and prepare students for the future.
The government has even acknowledged the need for technology in the
classroom. In the “no child left behind” bill there is a section that covers this very
topic. This section is known as the “Enhancing Education Through Technology
act of 2001”. “The primary goal of this part is to improve student academic
achievement through the use of technology in elementary schools and secondary
schools.” Technology is everywhere and as educators of future generations we
cannot simply ignore it or its influence in our daily lives.
The world of education is constantly changing. The demands on teachers
and students are ever increasing. Students are being expected to learn harder
math concepts earlier in their educational careers. For example, my son is
taking Pre-Algebra in the seventh grade. Without the use of technology, how can
we expect teachers and students to keep up with these demands? Technology
can allow teachers to provide their students with visual examples of concepts
they ar...

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...ts to develop marketable jobs skills.
They are learning how to use technology to get the most from their education.
We are preparing our students for the future and all the changes it will bring.
Kathleen Patrice Gulley wrote “Given the role that education plays in preparing
students to go into the world, it seems clear that there should be a connection
between the world and the classroom. Unless education reflects the world in
which it exists, it has no relevance for the students.” If we do not incorporate
technology into our classrooms we are failing to give our children the best
possible education and the skills necessary to be successful in the future.

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