Technology has Taken Away from Communication Essays

Technology has Taken Away from Communication Essays

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Anything that yields great benefits also extracts great costs. Society’s use of communication technology has made life easier, faster, and cheaper. However, our use of communication technology has also interfered with our ability to delay instant gratification in addition to altering intellectual expectations. Communication technology has unforeseen consequences to society as it rapidly progresses.
Society’s use of communication technology has made it difficult to distinguish childhood from adulthood. No longer is there a clear boundary between childhood and adulthood. TV is one type of communication technology that has attributed to this confusion. The intended audience in today’s TV is everyone. Consequently, TV shows contain the things we want to hide from our children. We want to hide violence, bad language, sex, drugs, and death. Yet, even TV shows meant for kids are full of violence, bad language, drugs, and death. Children imitate what they see on TV. There used to be a time where it was rare to see children putting up a big mouth towards their parents. Now, it is very common to see children not listen to their parents and even their grandparents. TV is affecting the behavior of children. Childhood is becoming more difficult to define because of the behavior children imitate from TV. TV is mostly visual and engages us in pattern recognition that is not differential. A linear thought process is missing in TV that is present when reading books. TV is full of constant distractions such as advertisements. The viewer’s thoughts are constantly being pulled in different directions all the time. Furthermore, there is no analytical coding present in TV. Reading is very specific in that it usually meant for a specific age group. Re...

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...ourages deep thinking. Deep thinking involves analytical decoding and making connections. This is absent in most Google searches. Communication technology is altering intellectual expectations and interfere with our ability to delay instant gratification.
Society’s use of communication technology has enriched our lives in many ways, but simultaneously has altered intellectual expectations as well as interfering with our ability to delay instant gratification. Society can no longer distinguish childhood from adulthood. TV has decreased our ability to delay instant gratification. Google hinders society’s ability to think on its own, which as a result has changed our intellectual expectations. Society’s use of communication technology negatively affects society as it interferes with our ability to delay instant gratification and has changed intellectual expectations.

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